What is the Site Council?  


The Shannon Park Site Council is a group of 11 individuals made up of elected parents, Shannon Park teachers and staff. Through various programs and events throughout the year, the Shannon Park Site Council (SPSC) aims to support the scholastic efforts of our students and teachers, build a strong school community that includes all students and their families and raise funds that directly support and impact our school.  


The site council meets once a month at 8:00 a.m. Please check the Shannon Park school calendar for dates. The meetings are open to the community. If there is a specific topic that you want discussed, it should be called into the principal or chairperson to be placed on the agenda one week prior to the meeting date.


Members are nominated by the community and staff in the spring of each year. Each elected member shall serve a three year term.



Site Council Members



Andrea Berntsen

Jen Goinz

Kara Mensink

Lindsay Piram

Tracy Plonsky



Erik Davis-Principal

Christine Golembiesky- Assistant Administrator

Laurie Schneibel-1st grade teacher

Karla Sinz-5th grade teacher

Mary Snyder-Kindergarten teacher

Beth Johnson-Volunteer Coordinator